Hoptober Day 2021 – Day 10: O’Fallon – Pumpkin Beer

O'Fallon Pumpkin Beer

And just like that, it’s day 10 of our Hoptober segment! This week the O’Fallon Pumpkin Beer has captured the appeal of DJ Jason and Rhizome Productions’ Matt Leff. Brewed with 136 pounds of real pumpkin & seasoned with fresh cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove – O’Fallon Pumpkin Beer is the perfect note to end on for this year’s Hoptober celebration!

O'Fallon Pumkin Beer

This brew is available seasonally in bottles and draft, so grab it while it’s still on the shelves! O’Fallon is a regional craft brewery that originated in Missouri in 2000. Their crew is dedicated to rich, unique brews focusing on distinctive ingredients and local collaborations. This brew is a weekend go-to seasonal, a perfect accessory for those apple-picking afternoons, or around a fire during one of those ‘freakishly’ warm fall evenings!

Regarded as O’Fallon brewery’s most popular seasonal offering, this beer has an ABV of 5.6% and leaves drinkers with after notes of sweet, spice, pumpkin, malt, and cream with vanilla. Still not convinced? Just check out what Jayson and Matt had to say down below!

Pair this fall pumpkin symphony with savory foods such as Herb-roasted chicken, grilled pork chops, sloppy Joes, or a fat, charred bratwurst. You can’t go wrong with their perfected balance of sweet, spice, and everything nice!

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