Summer Sips Episode 1: Yazoo Summer Seasonal Gose


It is officially summertime! As we’re gearing up for Fourth of July celebrations, Jayson and Matt Leff from Rhizome Productions are here for the first episode of our Summer Sips series, brewed up by Lipman Brothers and Rhizome Productions. Today, we’re tasting Yazoo’s Summer Seasonal Gose!

This local brew is perfect for any summertime plans from porch hangs to boat days. It’s a German style gose featuring crisp, citrusy tastes that are a little sweet, salty and sour. If Matt gets his way, hopefully we’ll see it canned like our other Yazoo favorites. Only time will tell as Yazoo Brewing Company recently closed their Gulch location to upgrade to a larger facility in Madison. In the meantime, grab a six pack of Yazoo’s Summer Seasonal Gose.
Written by Rachel Weaver