Interview with Luke Arterburn Mainvest – Local Business Spotlight

Luke Arterburn of Mainvest In Studio

More than ever, people are craving the engagement and environment that a local brick-and-mortar business provides. 

Now with the help of Mainvest, anyone can invest in their favorite local businesses and share in their success. 

Founded in Boston, Mainvest is an online platform that allows local businesses to receive investments from their community. Whether it’s a restaurant, coffee shop, or brewery, anyone can invest from as low as $100 to help the growth and expansion of their favorite community businesses. It’s truly putting your money where your mouth is, says Luke Arterburn from Mainvest.

“People want to invest, but they want to invest in something that they understand,” Arterburn said. “Add on top of that, something that they can support on a regular basis.” 

With Mainvest, businesses don’t have to navigate the tricky and risky world of small business loans or private equity but instead can receive direct support from the people in their community. On the other hand, investors will see real returns on investments as well as the fruit of their contribution when they can walk into the very businesses they helped support. 

Mainvest is currently supporting four businesses in Nashville:

  • Chivanada: A Colombian food truck moving into a brick-and-mortar location.
  • Otto’s: A West-Nashville bar with unique offerings
  • Tempo Coffee: A coffee shop operated by drummers-turned-baristas
  • Morning Brew: A Murfreesboro-based coffee shop

Whether you’re looking to jumpstart their business in a real grassroots way, or you’re someone who truly wants to support the companies you love, Mainvest is the platform for you!

For the full interview with Luke Arterburn from Mainvest, listen below:

Written by Joe Bendekovic. Photos by Geoffrey Paz.