*repeat repeat in studio to discuss new album: Glazed


Written by Rachel Weaver

Jayson and Adam are joined by *repeat repeat’s Jared and Kristyn this Tuesday morning, to get the scoop on their upcoming baby! No, not a human baby, but their new album, Glazed, coming out May 31st. After the music talk out of the way, we get to hear about life on their farm, traveling, and funny stories of producing the album with Nashville native, Patrick Carney.


Old friends of Lightning 100, the inseparable married couple gets ready to kick off their Glazed and Confused tour with a show at WRLT’s Nashville Sunday Night this coming weekend at 3rd and Lindsley. Get your tickets to their show to see them perform live, with AirPark and maybe another guest they hint at in the interview!


If you’re not already following the band on their socials, give them a follow and support Jared in his journey to be a meme god. Check out the full interview down below, and let us know what you think!