Sad Penny performing Sleeper and Stay Stoned [audio]


An avid Lighting 100 fan, Jo Meredith of Sad Penny stopped in the Lightning 100 studio to talk with Jayson and Adam about her music and upcoming show at Marathon Music Works Saturday, January 26th with Rayland Baxter and Illiterate Light.  

Sad Penny is Jo Meredith’s solo project after being a part of The Saint Johns for ten years. Jo touched on what it was to grow up in Florida, her past pop-punk cover band, the current bands she is listening to and sang two of her most recent songs. Sad Penny’s dark tone turns a soft sway to a quick head nod with her song “Sleeper”. This dark, slow melody is continued in her song “Stay Stoned” off Sad Penny’s newest project coming in the near future.

Catch “Stay Stoned” and other new sounds from Sad Penny Saturday, January 26th 2019 at Marathon Music Works with Rayland Baxter and Illiterate Light.