Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Music Festival

Backstage interviews and performances at music festivals.

Lt Dan at Bonnaroo 2010

We are rocking here in the backstage at Bonnaroo studios! I'll add information to the blog as time permits today. Temper Trap just came...

What’s in the Bonnaroo Mushroom Fountain water?!?

Wanna find out what's in Bonnaroo's mushroom fountain's water? Hear what these peoples' wacky theories are!

Bonnaroo RV performance with Madi Diaz

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KU3odhy8YpE Madi Diaz performs "Let's Go" in her RV at Bonnaroo 2009!

Lt Dan at Bonnaroo 2009 pt 2

Saturday has been a fun day backstage. Andrew Bird is in the recording studio and we are almost done for today. Lots of great...

Friday Backstage at Bonnaroo

So far things have been going smoothly. Ani Difranco just stopped by our backstage studios. We are about one third done with the bands...

Lt Dan at Bonnaroo 2009

Thursday is just about over. We are done for the day in the backstage recording and interview studio. We had six bands today and...