Matt Maeson talks about his bigger band and Growing Family


Matt Maeson made his grand return to Bonnaroo this past Saturday at This Tent and took the time to reflect on his experience backstage with our very own DJ Mel.

Matt Maeson last played at Bonnaroo in 2018 on the Miller Light Stage. He commented on the extreme from last time around, “I remember being pretty hammered, I remember it being really hot, but I remember there being like 300 people packed in.” Thankfully, this year Maeson has a bigger stage to perform on. He also has new members in both his band and his family this time around. Before we caught up with him, Maeson claimed to have kicked out the band members from his green room. This was in order to bounce his kid to sleep.

Matt Maeson has a new single coming out called “Be Happy.” He describes the song as being a sarcastic gesture and having nothing to do with actually being happy. This year at Bonnaroo would make it the second performance of this song ever.

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