This Is What You Did – This is the Kit: DJ Pick of the Week


Lt. Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week – “This Is What You Did” by This is the Kit

This is the Kit‘s “This Is What You Did” is the first taste of the upcoming LP Off Off On. It’s been 3 years since Moonshine Freeze‘s release, and we are lucky Kate Stables hit the studios before COVID-19 did.

Described as “a bit of a panic attack song,” her lyrics resemble the never-ending loop of negative self-talk while in this distress. The fast tempo carries the intense feelings behind these lyrics and is further driven when the banjo plucking becomes more irregular.

This emotional whirlwind of a song may hit close to home while stuck at home in these times. It’s important to remember to take care of yourself and get some fresh air when you can!

“Better try to get out, get outside again
And your limbs, they get out of your head again”

“This Is What You Did” by This is the Kit

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