Josh Rennie-Hynes – Friday Afternoon Live(06/03/22)

Friday Afternoon Live- Josh Rennie-Hynes

This past friday, Nashville local Josh Rennie-Hynes was the latest performer for Lightning 100’s weekly event, Friday Afternoon Live! Hynes was Lightning’s local artist of the week leading up to the performance. The Aussie gone Nashville artist was last week’s featured local artist of the week, with his latest single “Day Rage” being played throughout.

Hynes brought a refreshingly unique sound to the Skydeck,his work described as “lush pop arrangements over profoundly engaging songwriting. Airy acoustic strumming dances with shimmering echoes of electric guitar, all touched with tasteful electronics”.

You can check out some photos below from summer intern Austin Preston.

You can hear this performance below on our SoundCloud! Join Lightning 100 each week for Friday Afternoon Live at Skydeck featuring a new local artist like Josh Rennie-Hynes! Friday Afternoon Live broadcasts live every week at 5pm with games, giveaways, and a free performance thanks to Bearded Iris.