Want to open up for Bon Jovi?


Dreams do come true! Submit your band for the chance to open up for Bon Jovi at Bridgestone Arena on February 18, 2017. Click here to submit a video for a chance to be legendary.

Last year at the Nashville Film Festival, I was able to catch this gem in theaters. Mom Jovi is a documentary staring a group of moms who connected online about their love of Bon Jovi. The documentary was filmed in Nashville- recognize anyone?

Mom Jovi (Official Trailer) from Sequitur Cinema on Vimeo.

In the suburbs just north of Nashville, a group of women from around the world are holding the first in-person meeting of The Jovi Sisters, a self-made online Facebook group devoted to all things Bon Jovi. This film documents their week together, exploring the way women of a certain age have found an outlet through social media to build new friendships and rediscover their sense of self at a turning point in their lives.