Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Half Christmas Beer Fest Video!

%CODE1% It was another festive year at Lightning 100’s 4th Annual Half Christmas Beer Fest presented by Hurry Back!  Special thanks to everyone who got...

Want to open up for Bon Jovi?

Dreams do come true! Submit your band for the chance to open up for Bon Jovi at Bridgestone Arena on February 18, 2017. Click...

Elaine Dance-Off at Festivus

Did you compete in the Elaine Dance-Off at Festivus? Well we got the footage! Elaine is known for her terrible (read: incredible) moves on...

Festivus Mannequin Challenge with Colony House [video]

Colony House was able to pull off the Mannequin Challenge during "Silhouettes" at Lightning 100's Festivus Charity Show at Marathon Music Works! Get in...

Smith synced with Infomercials [funny]

%CODE1% Having problems with basic motor skills?  Well for only three payments of $19.99 + shipping, The Smiths can fix that!  Share this before Morrisey...

Vance Joy plays with Puppy [video]

Are you having a case of the Mondays? Maybe Vance Joy can help out with that!  Find out more info at HappyTalesHumane.com. %CODE1% Special thanks to...

Breaking Ground on Bonnaroo Bathrooms!

Yes it's true.....Bonnaroo is building permanent bathroom and showers on the festival grounds.  It only took them 16 years. NEW AMENITIES (HINT… FLUSSHHH!) Our own permanent water...

Adele’s “Hello” covered by Movies

%CODE1% Adele sold over 3 million records.....and now she is taking over the film industry as well.

Adam runs through Death Yard Haunt Attraction in record breaking time

Lightning 100 morning show host, Adam Culver makes record breaking time running through Death Yard Haunted Attraction in Hendersonville, TN.  Watch as Adam, the living...

Fishing for Bonnarooians

Ever wanted to go hippy fishing with a $10 bill?  Lightning 100 put used a different type of bait at Bonnaroo 2014, while on...

Bastille’s Pompeii / Lion King mashup

Lightning 100 loves Bastille's song Pompeii.  We joke around how the intro sounds similar to the Lion King theme song.  So we put the...

L100’s Harlem Shake at Buku Music + Art Festival

%CODE1% BUKU Music & Art Project official Harlem Shake video 2013. Produced by Lightning 100 and Make It Pop Creations Filmed and edited by Jared Rauso Choreographed by...

What’s in the Bonnaroo Mushroom Fountain water?!?

Wanna find out what's in Bonnaroo's mushroom fountain's water? Hear what these peoples' wacky theories are!

A classic off mic moment caught on tape

We have been so lucky to have the addition of a new employee over the past few months. One just for video recording, edit,...

Dave’s Insanity Sauce

Here is a funny video of me eating some really hot hot sauce. %CODE1%