Breaking Ground on Bonnaroo Bathrooms!


Yes it’s true…..Bonnaroo is building permanent bathroom and showers on the festival grounds.  It only took them 16 years.


Our own permanent water line is currently being installed on The Farm! What’s that mean? New flushable toilets, permanent showers and multiple new filling stations for delicious, refreshing water are all coming our way. These sweet new amenities will start popping up this June and you’ll continue to see more exciting improvements in the years to come.



Every car, truck, SUV, mini van or other standard vehicle will need to purchase a Car Camping Pass in order to enter the Tollbooth into Bonnaroo 2016. This pass will cost $59.75 per car, not per person, so you can save money and reduce your carbon footprint by carpooling.


Reason 1: Infrastructural
Bonnaroo is a temporary city. Every year almost everything you see on The Farm (tents, lighting, water, electricity, toilets, refrigeration, vendors, etc.) goes up and comes back down. So you’re not just paying for the artists and entertainment but also for the basic existence of this amazing place and your living space within it. We are introducing this new Car Camping Pass program in order to help sustain its greatness for years to come.

Reason 2: New Amenities
We’re working to improve the Bonnaroo experience every year. Not only does the Car Camping Pass allow the festival to continue to be great but we’ll be able to add new amenities such as the permanent bathrooms and showers you’ll start to see on The Farm in 2016.

Reason 3: Environmental
While the two reasons you see above are the primary motivators for this new program, there’s a very positive side effect! Everyone will be further encouraged to carpool to save money which helps us be a greener festival and since less space will be taken up by cars that means more carefree frolicking for all.

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