Intern Picks of the Week – 2/25/20


We’re back for this week’s Intern Picks! Tune in every week for updates on what we’re listening to!

Chloe’s Pick

Natalie Madigan – Remember Why You Fell in Love

Natalie Madigan is a rising Nashville singer-songwriter and producer. The track, “Remember Why You Fell in Love” is the pop ballad Nashville needed. The song is about trying to bring back the spark of a relationship by reminiscing on the wild love that once was. Lyrics string memories through our minds that paint the mental picture of the perfect love that’s slowly started to fade. “Remember Why You Fell in Love” is the 7th track on Natalie’s debut album, “What It’s Like to Be Known” which was released January 31st of this year.

Erin’s Pick

Adult Mom – Berlin

Adult Mom is back and with an updated sound. Berlin strays from the raw production of “Be Your Own 3am“. While Stevie Knipe’s voice has gained a certain power, it still maintains their signature emotional honesty. The combination of acoustic and electric guitar contributes to the new sound with their intentional cleanliness in “Berlin“. Their new collection of acoustic covers will be available exclusively on CD April 5th. In the meantime, check out Adult Mom’s new single, Berlin.

Joe’s Pick

Pinegrove – Dotted Line

The opening track of Pinegrove’s latest record “Marigold” is a four and a half minute dosage of the band’s signature brand of warm indie folk. Released last month, their new album is chock-full of heartwarming and ear-wormy songs that mix folk, alt-country and indie rock elements effortlessly. The band is currently on tour around the country and will make a stop at Bonnaroo this year.