Intern Picks of the Week 3/9/20


Following the events of last week here in Nashville, the Lightning 100 interns decided to use this week’s picks as a chance to remind our readers about the importance of community and kindness especially during this process of recovery. There are many ways to help Nashville and the Middle Tennessee community, so be sure to check out Lightning 100’s guide on how to give and receive relief in this time of need.

Joe’s Pick

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors – Tennessee 

It’s been hard to keep my mind off anything but the disastrous effects of Tuesday’s tornado. While our own city of Nashville is certainly hurting, we can’t forget about the folks out east in Putnam County who were hit just as hard. Although I’m not a Tennessee-native, I think all of us can take some pride in our city and step up to help those around us. This song from Nashville icon Drew Holcomb speaks to that sense of pride as he sings,

“It’s not just geography, it’s a part of me, the air I breathe. And we’ve got a history, and the blood runs through.”

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors

Chloe’s Pick

The Beatles – All You Need Is Love

Despite the devastation this past week, I find the good in how this community picks each other up. It’s a special thing Nashville’s got, and its all rooted in love. I wanted to reference The Beatles this week because this song spreads a message that never gets old – to love one another. A song with a message that will stand the test of time, this one is for Middle Tennessee.

Erin’s Pick

Aretha FranklinTry A Little Tenderness

We should always strive to love our neighbors but this tragedy serves as a harsh reminder of this sentiment. So I picked out Try A Little Tenderness by Aretha Franklin.

“But to one who’s weary, try a little tenderness,”

Aretha Franklin, Try A Little Tenderness

Remember, you never know what the people around you are going through. All I ask this week is that you try a little tenderness.