Marcus King – “Hard Working Man”: DJ Pick of the Week


Keith’s DJ Pick this week is “Hard Working Man” by Marcus King! This is the first single from King’s forthcoming sophomore album, Young Blood. In a Facebook post about the song, King admits that he was going through a rough time while writing it. “I was going through a lot during the album with addictions, breakups, and addictions because of breakups. It was good to get it out in this way,” King reflected. The song was written by King and Dan Auerbach, guitarist and vocalist of The Black Keys. King mentioned that this song is meant to encapsulate “that big arena rock sound”, and we think it definitely does!

Young Blood will be King’s second album on his own. His first solo album, El Dorado, is a 2020 release. King’s previous works include many installments with The Marcus King Band, who we saw at our 2019 Live on the Green! King is releasing solo music lately, and he’s taking up a tour! The tour will kick of in Tuscon, AZ on April 30th, and will run for the length of the summer. You can prepare for the live show by listening to “Hard Working Man” by Marcus King here:

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