Ondara – “A Nocturnal Heresy” : Keith’s DJ Pick of the Week


Rev. Keith’s DJ Pick of the Week is “A Nocturnal Heresy” by Grammy-nominated Kenyan singer-songwriter Ondara! As a kid growing up in Nairobi, Kenya, J.S. Ondara listened to American alt-rock where he discovered an affinity for the music of his hero Bob Dylan. Eventually, Ondara made his way to Minneapolis, Minnesota to pursue a career in music. He was nominated for Best Americana Album at the GRAMMY Awards for his debut 2019 album, Tales of America. Since then, Ondara has released a sophomore album, Folk n’ Roll Vol. 1: Tales Of Isolation, and is preparing to release a third studio album this year.

“A Nocturnal Heresy” is the second single from the new album. While Ondara’s acoustic and airy sound is still implemented into the song, “A Nocturnal Heresy”, as well as “An Alien in Minneapolis”, both feature a much more full, electric sound than what’s been heard from Ondara in the past. The new album, Spanish Villager No: 3, gets its name from The Spanish Villager: “a mysterious man with a potent message who has proven to be a versatile guy. He’s the subject of a short story Ondara wrote and turned into a graphic novel, and now a new album.” Overall, Ondara’s 2022 album seems to mark a shift from his more traditional Americana roots into the alt-rock artist he would’ve loved listening to on the radio as a kid.

Ondara is stopping at EXIT/IN on September 27 on his tour for his new album. Check out tickets here! Also, watch the music video for “A Nocturnal Heresy” below!

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