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Joshua Camp of LabCanna, the new sponsor of Afternoon Drive, stopped by the studio to chat with Ana Lee (a longtime CBD oil enthusiast) and teach us about all things hemp. From scientific properties to legislation, to anecdotal experiences that Ana Lee and other CBD users have discovered, we loved learning more about this supplement that has brought relief and healing to so many.   

LabCanna is Tennessee’s oldest licensed hemp manufacturer and maker of TenneCBD, which started as an agricultural hemp farm in Franklin after the passing of the 2014 Farm Bill.  Since then, it has substantially expanded, with farms and distribution around the world. With the passing of the most recent Farm Bill, hemp production and distribution is now legal on a federal level. LabCanna is diligently working to bring awareness and education on CBD and hemp products to the forefront, with a hope to reinvigorate the hemp industry.  (We learned from Josh that hemp currently has over 25,000 uses worldwide!)

Josh is very passionate and extremely well-versed on the science behind how CBD works.  He explained to us that all mammals (yes, even pets can benefit from CBD!) have an endocannabinoid system in their bodies to receive the cannabinoids that their bodies naturally produce.  Sometimes though, through the wear and tear of injuries, age, and disease, our bodies get a little out of whack. CBD helps the body to get back to a point of balance (or “homeostasis” for you science folks like Josh), so that the body can resolve its own issues naturally.  

Even though CBD comes from a subcategory of cannabis (hemp), it’s important to note that it doesn’t share the psychoactive properties of its sister plant, marijuana.  Since hemp contains under 0.3% THC (the compound in marijuana resulting in a “high” sensation), it is not a mind-altering substance and should be considered more of a supplement or a vitamin.  While there still remains a slight stigma (or, as Josh explains, a stigma that there is a stigma) in our current society, LabCanna is working to educate the community on the benefits of incorporating small, regular doses of CBD into their daily routines.  

Community health is also at the forefront of LabCanna’s focus.  They offer free yoga sessions with complimentary CBD product samples on Sundays at their East Nashville location.  LabCanna has an incredibly knowledgeable staff onsite to help each customer find the right product for their needs.  They also host an extensive collection of reading materials for every level of hemp expertise–from budding CBD aficionado to research scientist.  Stop by between 10 am – 7 pm Monday through Saturday or from 12 pm – 5 pm on Sunday and be sure to mention Ana Lee’s interview with Josh for a special 15% discount in the store!

We are so excited to learn more and delve even further into the properties, benefits, and science behind CBD and hemp products with future visits from LabCanna.  Tune in Monday through Friday for product information, events, and updates from LabCanna, plus a chance to win a $50 gift card to their East Nashville location!  As Josh says–hemp has the potential to save the world!

He really does lick his chops when we say “Archie, want your oil?” – Ana Lee

Ana Lee’s dog Archie is a fan of CBD as well–he recommends the TenneCBD Pet Plus (made with real organic beef pan-drippings!) twice a day to stay spry and limber, without any adverse side effects. TenneCBD is also available in unflavored options in 500MG & 1000MG strengths.

Visit the East Nashville LabCanna store:

1006 Gallatin Avenue, Nashville, TN 37206

Phone: (615) 835-3474

Buy TenneCBD Pet Plus here:

Check out LabCanna East’s instagram for updates on CannaYoga sessions:

RSVP for Sunday CannaYoga: [email protected]

Visit LabCanna’s website for updates on new products and further information on the healing properties of CBD:

Written by Elizabeth Aylsworth

Brian "the web guy" is a Nashville native that grew up on radio and Grimey's New and Preloved Music. Seasoned communications professional that has immersed himself in the Nashville community while connecting local musicians, businesses, non-profits, unicorns, and transplants. Starting in 2008, Brian has worked with programming, marketing, sales, and promotion. Roles have included but not limited to copywriting, digital sales, content creation, sponsorship, video production, graphic design, booking, event creation, social media posting, and targeted ad purchasing.