Permaculture Action Day interview with LabCanna


On Thursday, November 7th, our DJ Casey was joined by Caleb from LabCanna and Charles and Ginger Rose from GROW Enrichment to talk about the exciting events happening on Nashville Permaculture Action Day. Nashville Permaculture Action Day is this Monday, November 11th at Two Rivers Park. Permaculture Action Day is a day organized to bring together the community with music and environmental consciousness. It’s the 3rd year Permaculture Action Day has come to Nashville, and it is completely free! There will be planting food forest in public park workshops, music, hands-on projects, natural building, delicious food,  and a pop-up tea lounge and elixir bar by Infinitea and Triaprima. Make sure to go to their website, and RSVP if you are planning on munching all the great food they have. The largest Permaculture Action Day had 400 people in attendance, but GROW Enrichment is challenging Nashville to break that record and keep up Tennessee’s green reputation. The festivities begin at 10 AM and end at 5 PM,  so make sure to join Nashville’s 3rd Permaculture Action Day on Monday, November 11th at Two Rivers Park! Make sure to stop by TwiceDaily’s booth to learn more about their Thrive: Reduced Emissions Program.

Listen to the interview posted below!

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