The Good Fill – Local Business Spotlight

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In our first Local Business Spotlight of 2020, we sat down with Megan Gill, founder and owner of The Good Fill. This eco-minded retailer focuses on providing environmentally conscious alternatives to household items like toothbrushes or razors. You can even bring in a container of your own to fill up with soaps, detergents, shampoos – any liquid product you use around the house, The Good Fill has it on tap.

So why go package free? According to Megan, some packaging takes thousands of years to decompose – and some, like styrofoam, never decompose at all. That means the packaging you don’t even care about is sitting in a landfill, potentially contaminating runoff water and negatively affecting the local and global environment. The Good Fill is so passionate about their mission that they even include return postage for all online orders so that they can re-use the packaging your order was shipped in!

In addition to benefitting the environment, products from The Good Fill can save the green in your wallet! By choosing durable, dependable products made from quality materials, you can avoid continually spending money on disposable products designed to keep you coming back.

From January 6th to January 19th, you can mention hearing about The Good Fill on Lightning 100 for a 15% discount in-store! Just head over to 1006 Fatherland Street, Suite 303 and join the refill revolution.

Listen to the full interview below: