BadCulture — “Come Here”: Local Artist of the Week


BadCulture is Lightning 100’s local artist of the week! The indie punk group is based in East Nashville and just put out a new single, “Come Here.” Leading up to the song’s release, the band wrote on Instagram that “This is our favorite song so far, and it’s beyond exciting to share it with y’all.” “Come Here” was produced by @repeatx2 and recorded at the amazing Polychrome Ranch. Lightning 100 has previously featured BadCulture on Casey’s 615 Saturday and as Casey’s DJ pick of the week. We couldn’t be happier to hear that they’re back with new music!

Musically, “Come Here” features prominent electric guitars and a haunting lead vocal. The opening verse of “Come Here” is mellow but captivating, creating a satisfying build into the song’s chorus. The chorus of “Come Here” features doubled guitar and bass lines that pull against the rhythm and melody of the lead vocal. The song is sonically dark but never feels gloomy or slow.

Beloved in the Nashville indie scene, BadCulture’s members all grew up here in Tennessee. The group regularly plays at local venues, and you can keep up with their activity via Instagram and Facebook. BadCulture also makes an effort to collaborate with fellow local artists. The cover art for “Come Here” was done by @deepalluh and depicts the band members standing in a clearing in the woods with a fish eye optical effect. Be sure to follow BadCulture on socials, and check out “Come Here” on Spotify and Apple Music!

Listen all week to hear “Come Here” as we feature Bad Culture as our Local Artist of the Week! Listen live on-air at 100.1FM or at