Baseball Bat “Let Down” – Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week 

Baseball Bat “Let Down” - Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week 
Baseball Bat “Let Down” - Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week 

Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Let Down” by Baseball Bat! 

This is the debut track from Baseball Bat! “Let Down” is a strong opening to the newest era of their music. These four friends have been ‘making memories’ since 2012. This track stands as their first official release- and on Leap Day of all times. 

This up-and-coming band is the perfect new addition to your music rotation. Coming in at a little over three minutes, the single is easily digestible and repeatable. The Nashville locals know how to create a track that’s eclectic and unlike anything else on the scene. 

The track was mastered by Brian Murphree and produced, engineered, and mixed by Jeremy Ferguson. Their work, matched with the grit of Baseball Bat, allowed for this track to truly soar. 

Per their Spotify bio their sound is either “slacker geek rock or quirky power pop.” Either way, the rocker vets started playing around with some old Weezer covers. It morphed into the creation of their own songs- ones that are finally breaking into our airwaves. 

Listen to “Let Down” below! 

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