Erin Rae Performs “Lighten Up & Try” and “California Belongs to You” – Live from the Studio

Erin Rae's Putting On Airs comes out June

Today Erin Rae stops by the studio to hang out with Stephanie. While here, Erin Rae performs “Lighten Up & Try” and “California Belongs to You” live on the air.

We love Erin Rae here at Lightning! She is an Indie-Folk Singer Songwriter based here in Nashville. Rae first found success with her 2018 album “Putting On Airs”. In February she released her second album, “Lighten Up”.

Erin Rae’s style is one that is all her own. She attributes her style inspiration to baroque-pop, cosmic country, and indie-folk to create her unique sound. Stephanie even said if she could pay anyone to sing her to sleep every night…it would be Erin Rae.

She is the headliner of Musicians Corner tonight at Centennial Park. Her set starts at 8:15.

Erin Rae Performs “Lighten Up & Try” and “California Belongs to You”, and you can watch the whole thing below!

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