Larkin Poe: Local Artist of the Week


“From the fingers to the frets,” Larkin Poe has delivered us a bonafide barnburner in “Holy Ghost Fire.” In fact, somehow I felt transported to church and to the set of a bank heist movie at the same time on first listen. There’s an unabashed energy in everything the Georgia transplants do that just feels good – but that energy comes with a rough rock and roll edge that makes me wish I had put on my leather jacket this morning.

The music video is a great juxtaposition to the song’s rough and tumble feel, featuring Megan and Rebecca jubilantly singing along. When a pandemic prevents you from hiring a cast of actors, you need to have a rock solid song to carry the video – and that’s exactly what Larkin Poe has in “Holy Ghost Fire.”

Aspiring guitarists looking to glean some slide wisdom from Megan can find a great mini-lesson posted just a few days ago to their Instagram. As artists around the world look to diversify their digital content, it seems like the tutorial format has a perfect home on the @larkinpoe feed. With any luck we’ll get a rig rundown on the pedalboard soon, because the tremolo on this track is to die for.

Tune into 100.1FM or stream along at all week to hear “Holy Ghost Fire” while we celebrate Larkin Poe as our Local Artist of the Week!