Lombardy “Get Out” – Local Artist of the Week

Lombardy livestream concert for Music City Mayhem 2021 finale

This week’s Frothy Monkey local artist of the week is the band Lombardy! The song “Get Out” is their most recent release since their EP A Collection of Great Songs in 2022.

Formed in the early 2021, the band has taken the Nashville music scene by storm. Current members Matt Scott (Vocals/Lead guitar) and Johnathan Plevyak (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar) have continued to evolve the groups sound through the past two years. They take inspiration from a number of different genres including classic rock, blues, and outlaw country. Exploring their music catalogue, it is clear that the band isn’t one to shy away from different and unique sounds. From tracks like “Cowboy Song” which features acoustic folk feels, to songs like “Don’t Wanna See You Round Here” which has striking electric riffs. Lombardy isn’t afraid to play with music genres.

After a 4-month hiatus, “Get Out” is their newly released single. Featuring catchy melodies and up-beat vibe, the track is perfect for a summer playlist. The song differs from their previous releases with a new pop-beat to it. Lombardy continues to feature their incredible electric guitar riffs and memorable songwriting skills throughout the piece. This song will surely not “Get Out” of your head.

The band will be performing at Multi Ultra’s release party on June 2nd! See them live at The Basement East and get tickets on their website.

Tune in all week to hear “Get Out” by local artist Lombardy! Stay updated on all new releases via their website here. Be sure to check out the song below: