Lucie Silvas – “Home Truths”: Local Artist of the Week


Local artist of the week Lucie Silvas released “Home Truths” in early July, a sensitive single that describes the façade of seemingly fine home life. The frustration and denial brewing beneath the surface leaves Silvas singing that she wishes to share the “home truths” with the person she shares her home with. Inspired by the hardships of 2020, the lyrics feature vivid descriptions of isolation and tension, showcasing how people often attempt to cover up problems rather than confront them.

Musically, the song features delicate but lush harmonies that support Silvas’ emotional lead vocal. While the overall mood of “Home Truths” is reflective and mellow, the song’s driving rhythm and pulsing piano provide a sense of urgency that pairs Silvas’ pleas to know the truth. Her flowing, rapid-fire lyric delivery in the verses give way to a more spacious, soaring chorus, showcasing both her range and her sensitivity as a singer.

Lucie Silvas will be headlining Musicians Corner’s September Sundown festival in Centennial Park this Friday, September 10th. Catch her live there and check out the lyric video for “Home Truths” below:

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