Maggie Rose Live on Valentine’s Day: Nashville Sunday Night Review


On February 14th, Maggie Rose took to the stage of 3rd & Lindsley for a live, socially distanced Valentine’s Day edition of Nashville Sunday Night. Joined by country star Elizabeth Cook and a sold out crowd— in addition to remote attendees tuning in via free livestream— Rose put on an intimate and captivating performance for all. 

As donations were collected for Music Venue Alliance Nashville, the night got kicked off around 8pm with an open and at times emotional conversation between the two artists. As the first ever live episode of Rose’s podcast Salute the Songbird, the two musicians chatted about Cook’s family, how she got her start, the country music community, record labels, and the slow return of live music. Cook’s recent seventh studio album Aftermath, described by Rose as “galactic country,” was released in September 2020 via Agent Love. The Grand Ole Opry regular played acoustic versions of four songs, including a response to John Prine’s “Jesus the Missing Years,” to open up the show. 

Maggie Rose kicked off her time with “It’s You,” introduced as a love song to the audience. With the help of Them Vibes, she immediately brought high energy to her headlining act and ensured a good time for all of her listeners, in person and virtual alike. The set included everything from tracks off of her recent Quarantine 45, to new unreleased music, to covers of Bill Withers and Carole King classics. Rose hinted heavily towards the fast approaching release of her new album throughout the night, and attendees were privileged enough to get some of the first tastes of these upcoming songs.

The country artist’s love and enthusiasm was contagious no matter where you were watching from. Faced with the unique and timely challenge of playing to two audiences at once, Maggie Rose more than proved that she was the one for the job. Her success is a testament to the viability of live music, even under these uncertain circumstances, and you won’t want to miss out on her setting the standard for the (hopefully) many shows to come.

If you were too busy on Valentine’s Day to catch the show, no worries! Check out the performance in the video below: