Nordista Freeze talks Space Prom & debuts his new song


Nordista Freeze doesn’t always wake up early on Mondays, but when he does, it’s to talk about Space Prom on Lightning in the Morning.

The D.I.Y. rocker and his band will be throwing a sold-out, intergalactic nostalgic tribute to the 80s this Saturday at The Basement East, and were able to tell Adam about it Monday morning. 

“This is a reclaiming of prom for us,” Freeze said. “We think there are some really cool parts about prom, maybe some not so cool parts. So we’re trying to reclaim it in our lives by making it a really fun time.”

With local artists Briston Maroney, Nathaniel Banks, Savannah Conley and many others joining Freeze, Space Prom 3 promises to be a night filled with 80s nostalgia, prom-style slow dances and wacky, cosmic attire.

In the spirit of the 80s, Freeze and his band performed an acoustic rendition of Bruce Springsteen’s “Hungry Heart,” but also debuted one our their own songs called “First Time.” 

It seemed everyone in the studio had a hard time containing their laughter during Rapid Fire Five, where Freeze and his band confessed to their obsession for the film “Boss Baby,” discussed what flavors of La Croix sit inside of the “Nordista Fridge” and revealed the band’s signature catchphrase — “Goo goo gaa gaa.”

Freeze, his band and an ensemble of local artists will be reclaiming prom this Saturday at The Basement East. Check out the audio of the full interview below!

Written by Joe Bendekovic.