Ron Gallo – Love Supreme (Work Together)


Local artist of the week Ron Gallo is no stranger to Lightning 100. We’ve been spinning his songs for years, and he’s played everything from our Thunderground showcase to Live On The Green.

His latest release, Stardust Birthday Party, is a 180 from his debut album. His most recent single, “Love Supreme (Work Together),” was inspired by John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme” and shows a more philosophical side of the quirky, somewhat oddball rocker.

“The chorus goes ‘god loves it when we work together.’ The god I am talking about is not a specific one, but everything, the one thing that is everything, the common thread in all existence, life, whatever you want to call it,” Gallo explains in a statement.

Listen to the track below and all week long on Lightning 100. Don’t miss his live show this week at Nashville Sunday Night. Buy tickets here