Sam Hoffman “Glencrest Lane” – Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week

Sam Hoffman Glencrest Lane

Dan’s DJ pick of the week is Sam Hoffman’s “Glencrest Lane!” Hoffman has been releasing music since 2018 shortly after graduating from Belmont University (and interning at Lightning100). After releasing single “Jacquelyn” this past March, this track is his most recently released single.

Originally released in 2018, “Glencrest Lane” was a part of his debut album Fairweather. This rerecorded track sings the story of nostalgia and childhood; Describing the feeling of wanting life to be “how it was”. The single tells only a portion of Hoffman’s life growing up in Loveland, Ohio which greatly influenced his music career. It has a distinctive pop-rock sound that feels inspired by artist’s like Elliott Smith with the melodic piano. His upbeat drums contrasts beautifully with his ambient voice, complimenting his unique artistry.

“Glencrest Lane” is one of two singles recently released from the artist, the other being “Jacquelyn!” Take a listen to his most recent release below!

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