New Man “Sleeping is Easy” – Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week


Casey’s DJ pick of the week is “Sleeping is Easy” from New Man. A solo artist composed of songwriter Cody Newman, he has an outgoing pop sound that is unlike any other.

New Man has been expanding upon the pop genre for around 4 years, starting with his album Sings which was released in 2018. From right here in Nashville, he has been able to flesh out his inspired sound with his recent EP The New New Man. This collection of song has nods to artists like The Beach Boys or Harry Nilsson yet features an original twist. Never predictable, the artist is able to play with upbeat sounds to create out-of-bounds music. 

The song starts with the lyrics “Sleeping is easy, living is hard” which feel all too relatable. Despite the sad start, the song is outgoing and has a positive tone. His clever lyrics complement the catchy and amusing sound. Using a multitude of different instruments, he is able to create an infectiously happy song. The song features playful drums and dynamic horns that have dance-pop feel. “Sleeping is Easy” is the perfect song for a summer playlist. 

Check out Casey’s DJ pick of the week below!

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