Hamilton Leithauser – Full Set Live at Nashville Sunday Night


Hamlilton Leithauser was joined by Eric Harvey—the bassist of Spoon—and 2 members of the band White Rabbits—Stephen Patterson and Greg Roberts—as he gave everything he had for his performance on Sunday at 3rd and Lindsley. Prefacing his song “Alexandra” from his 2014 album Black Hours with “let’s rock” was an understatement as he dove into a fast-paced, harmonic-ridden rock n’ roll performance with a classic upright piano and steady bass lines filling the holes in between his belting out the title of the song. He performed his solo music as well as from I Had A Dream That You Were Mine, a collaborative album with Rostam Batmanglij previously of Vampire Weekend. Even without Rostam there to perform, you heard his influence as Hamilton pulled out a harmonica to performed “You Ain’t That Young Kid,” crooning to the audience for an organ backed breakdown. From start to finish, he provided powerhouse vocals with dynamic harmonies to match, ranging from a classic country influence to old school rock n’ roll reminiscent of The Animals and whatever experimental in between you could imagine. He sang a few familiar tunes for Lightning 100 listeners, belting out “A 1000 Times” and showing off his true musicianship as he picked away through “ In A Black Out”.

Nashville Sunday Night is a special presentation of Nashville’s Independent Radio, Lightning 100. Each Sunday night Lightning 100 broadcasts a concert from 3rd and Lindsley, one of Nashville’s finest live music venues. Along with Hamilton Leithauser, the February 19th show featured Lucy Dacus.


Written By: Emily CJ Reynolds

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