AHI – Breakin’ Ground


Lani Ford here. This Friday I’m not serving up tuna, I’m serving up “EYE” – that’s how you pronounce Canadian Singer-Songwriter AHI. I’ve been digging on his tune “Breakin’ Ground” all week long!

AHI’s new album In Our Time is an album complicit in its sense of balance and existence on the cusp—sonically, thematically, emotionally, aesthetically. Even the album’s most hopeful and optimistic songs still bear themes of struggle and overcoming odds; similarly, there is beauty in its darkness. AHI deftly weaves each of these threads together to give listeners an open and unfettered look into his life.

Opener “Breakin’ Ground” introduces both the album and the artist, telling a succinct version of AHI’s own saga and how his call was realized. With its upbeat and uplifting chorus and snappy, steady groove, the song glides along, tethered by his raspy refrain. “‘Breakin’ Ground’ is me telling my story,” he says. “The line goes, ‘I’ve been told I’m worthless so much that it gave me purpose’—so many people can make you feel like you’re not qualified for something, and it gave me conviction to keep going.”

Give it a listen below and let us know what you think!

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