Airpark Ft. Delicate Steve “Kokomo” – Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week

Airpark Press Photo

Casey’s DJ pick of the week is “Kokomo” by Airpark Ft. Delicate Steve! Airpark, a duo from right here in Nashville, has done a cover the iconic Beach Boys song. Featuring a talented guitar player and artist in his own right, Delicate Steve, they were able to masterfully craft this track.

After releasing their album Prehistoric Feeling in 2022, they have continued their music with renditions of famous songs. Prior to “Kokomo” they also recorded “1979,” one of The Smashing Pumpkins most recognizable tracks.

Released only a few days ago, “Kokomo” takes the original song in a whole new direction. Almost recognizable, Airpark’s cover takes the upbeat song and turns it into a melodic acoustic ballad. Stripping the song down to just smooth guitar and soft vocals, the artists were able to create an incredible rendition of the song. The bridge features a beautiful guitar riff that blends well with overall acoustic feel of the song. The two artists were able to recreate this landmark song in their own original way.

Check out Casey’s DJ pick of the week below. If you are interested in seeing the duo in person, check them out at Electric Jane on July 16th!

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