Amy Darling – “Nasty Habits”: DJ Pick of the Week


Amy Darling has been working with producer Mike Webb and writer Kevin Smith to put out her latest single. Ending the week with a bang, last Friday she released “Nasty Habits.” Darling is no stranger to Nashville and has played at local venues like The Basement and Mercy Lounge. She is a seasoned performer with a true appreciation for classic rock.

This “Rock ‘n’ Roll Woman” wrote her newest single about her own experience living in downtown L.A. “Although I was battling a lot of demons at the time, there was a certain electric pulse to the city,” Darling said. A key element in Darling’s new song is the poetic spoken word accompanied by background vocals and electric guitar. This classic disco single meshed with rock tells an honest story of self-indulgence and temptations along skid row. “’Nasty Habits’ is an anthem for escapism. We’ve all got a ‘nasty habit’ or two, but who cares?”

Darling was raised on a musical foundation of artists like Bob Dylan, Joplin, The Beatles, Aretha, The Stones, and Bowie. After exploring a number of creative careers, she decided to pursue music. She began taking her music career more seriously after leaving L.A. and attending a music school in London. “I finally decided to stop chasing the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, and started pursuing the rock ‘n’ rock dream,” she stated in an interview. Darling is a charismatic, daring performer. Her stage presence is similar to that of rock legends Joan Jett and Gwen Stefani. Check out her single “Nasty Habits” below.

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