Banditos – “Here Tonight”: DJ Pick of the Week


“Here Tonight” by Banditos is Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week! Banditos is a rock n’ roll band based in Nashville, Tennessee. Originally, the group was as an acoustic duet playing gigs in the indie scene of Birmingham, Alabama. Over time, Banditos’ roster grew into the six-piece band they are today, with a wider instrumentation and theme. The band’s name comes from this growth, and the idea of friends banding together to play music. So far, Banditos has released two albums and a handful of EPs.

Overall, “Here Tonight” is difficult to place under one specific genre. It features the unconventional banjo of country, the raw drums of garage rock, and the brass of soul music. Despite their differences, the instruments work together to create a unique, upbeat atmosphere. While the drums keep the time consistently, the other instruments act as interjecting bodies throughout the song. Meanwhile, the vocals switch between sweet and raspy tones, with each chorus becoming grittier as the song plays out. The lyrical content tells the story of two individuals, who find each other despite their personal struggles.

“Here Tonight” is one of three songs released to promote Banditos’ upcoming album, Right On. The album drops May 20th, with the option to pre-save or pre-order it here. In addition, the band has a few local performances coming up. Tickets for these shows are available here. Otherwise, be sure to keep up with Banditos through their social media, as well as their website. Also, feel free to check out the official music video for “Here Tonight” below!

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