Birdtalker – “Taking Control”: DJ Pick of the Week


“Taking Control” by Birdtalker is Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week! Birdtalker is an indie folk group based in Nashville, Tennessee. The band formed in 2015, struggling to find their style at first. This changed when the band’s 2017 single “Heavy” became a hit, solidifying their trajectory towards an indie folk sound. Since then, the band has released two full-length studio albums. Currently, Birdtalker’s lineup consists of vocalists Zack and Dani Green, guitarist Brian Seligman, bassist Jesse Baker, and drummer Chris Wilson.

The production of “Taking Control” further refines the themes of Birdtalker’s previous music. From the catchy keyboard riff to the rich drums and guitar interjections, the instrumental builds upon the band’s past works, to great effect. Although the instrumental is upbeat and playful, the vocals indicate otherwise. The delivery of these vocals is light and flowing, with lyrics laying out a story of regaining self-control.

“Taking Control” is one of a dozen songs off Birdtalker’s 2021 self-titled album. Birdtalker is currently available on streaming services, with physical copies offered on their merch store. In addition, the band is currently on tour for the spring season. Tickets for shows along this tour, including an upcoming Nashville performance, are available here. Otherwise, be sure to keep up with Birdtalker through their social media, as well as their website. Also, feel free to check out “Taking Control” below!

Tune into 100.1 FM or to hear “Taking Control” by Birdtalker as Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week. Be sure to let us know your thoughts! Tweet at us with #L100DJPicks and share your take on the track.


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