Cabin Boys – “Too Late Now”: DJ Pick of the Week

Cabin Boys

“Too Late Now” by Cabin Boys is Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week! Cabin Boys is best described as an experimental group composed of experienced songwriters. This collaborative group, based in East Nashville, has released a single full-length album and four singles. Cabin Boys’ style ranges from old-school rockabilly to modern pop and country.

The instrumentation of “Too Late Now” is stripped down compared to most modern songs. The song is entirely devoid of drums and other percussion instruments, opting to rely on guitars for rhythm and timing. The most prevalent instrument throughout is guitar, whether it be the acoustic laying down rhythm or the electric slide guitar pitching a solo. The last chorus adds in an electric bass, which helps fill up the void created by the song’s barebones approach. The song uses reverb and delay effects freely, augmenting both the instruments and vocals alike. The vocal delivery is reminiscent of other country tunes, placing heavy emphasis on the end of lyrical phrases.

Cabin Boys released “Too Late Now” as part of their 2021 debut album Cabin Fever. Since then, the band has followed up with a few singles, with the most recent being a dual-release. Be sure to keep up with the music Cabin Boys has to offer via music streaming services. Also, feel free to check out “Too Late Now” via the YouTube video below!

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