Aaron Lee Tasjan “Horror Of It All” – Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week


Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Horror Of It All” by Aaron Lee Tasjan!

“Horror Of It All” is the first single off Tasjan’s upcoming album Stellar Evolution, set to release on April 12. 

Aaron Lee Tasjan is a Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter, producer, and guitarist based in Nashville, TN. His music doesn’t ascribe to a single genre. Rather, it uses 80s synths, indie-rock instrumentation, and reflective observations to give its listeners a soft, relatable place to land. 

Stellar Evolution, co-produced by Tasjan and Gregory Lattimer, has been highly anticipated, following the 2021 release of the critically acclaimed LP Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan! 

This spring, Tasjan will tour Stellar Evolution in the U.S., so be sure to get your tickets here.

“Horror Of It All” is a superb display of Tasjan’s wit. Written by Tasjan and Lattimer, the track explores the perils of adolescence through the exclamation “Oh my god / The horror of it all.” 

Distorted rhythm guitar and glittery synths create a nostalgic backing for Tasjan’s energetic pop-rock vocals. Tasjan candidly describes the challenges he faced growing up while declaring that, despite adversity, he will “dance to the pain / In the middle of the storm.” 

The track suggests that external rejection can be soothed through self-acceptance and that people really can be saved by rock ‘n’ roll.

“Horror Of It All” is an effective blend of retro influence and modern relatability that you won’t want to miss. 

Listen to “Horror Of It All” below!

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