Gabrielle Grace “Both Ways” – Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week

Gabrielle Grace Both Ways

Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Both Ways” by Gabrielle Grace!

“Both Ways” is the latest single release from the Nashville-based singer/songwriter. 

Gabrielle Grace’s music blends folk-pop melodies, refreshing relatability, and an indie-rock edge to create an authentic listening experience. Grace’s sharp pen and smooth vocal delivery make her music effective and personal.

Grace released her debut full-length album There Are Two Sides to Everything in July 2023, and she’s currently gearing up to tour this March.

Her single “Both Ways” is her newest release this year, giving us an exciting glimpse into what’s to come. 

“Both Ways,” co-written with Joseph LeMay, describes Grace’s love and hate of social media. This idea is interestingly personified through a toxic relationship.

In the choruses, Grace sincerely sings “I want it both ways.” Her smooth vocal delivery stands out against a driving backdrop of muted percussion and energetic electric guitar.

Gentle harmonies support Grace as she explores the many sides of affection and toxicity. Grace sings “I want you to be real / I want you to be honest / Tell me that I’m holy / Tell me that I’m crumbling.”

“Both Ways” is a shiny indie-rock gem that is brought to life by Grace’s descriptive, yet succinct storytelling. 

Listen to “Both Ways” below! 

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