Genevieve Heyward “LAME” – Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week

Genevieve Hayward Lame

Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week is “LAME” by Genevieve Heyward!

Genevieve Heyward bares her soul through striking guitar parts, tasteful piano arrangements and sultry vocals. Heyward grew up writing authentically about her experiences, and she began touring nationally and internationally right after high school.

Heyward has opened for artists like GAYLE and Phillip-Michael Scales, cultivating a steady fan base.

Heyward’s latest single “LAME” mixes candid storytelling with an effective indie-rock edge. 

“LAME” opens with catchy vocal hums from Heyward, an immediate hook. Heyward’s expressive vocals float above a backdrop of cascading distortion. Surrounded by tight harmonies, Heyward cries “How did life get so lame? / After a while, all the words sound the same.” 

Every element in this track mirrors Heyward’s inner frustration. The crashing drums, resonant rhythm guitar, and Heyward’s sustained, soaring belt all contribute to the track’s story.

A wash of syncopated background vocals and punchy piano chords accompany Heyward in the bridge, where she declares what she’ll no longer put up with in relationships. With vitality, Heyward sings “You leave me flowers every day in my mind, but it’s not enough to take what is mine.” 

The track ends with an impact, being carried away by gentle “oohs” and stripped-down chords. 

Listen to “LAME” below!

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