Phillip-Michael Scales “Light Up The Sky” – Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week

Phillip-Michael Scales
Phillip-Michael Scales "Light Up The Sky" - Casey's DJ Pick of the Week

Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Light Up The Sky” by Phillip-Michael Scales!

From a young age, Nashville-based artist Phillip-Michael Scales immersed himself in the music scene. He grew up around the influence of his aunt’s close friend B.B. King, who he affectionately called “Uncle B.”

Scales entered the industry by fronting indie bands and recording his own music. Scales describes his sound as “dive bar soul” that combines indie-rock storytelling with the passion found in blues music.

His unique songwriting style glows throughout his debut LP Sinner-Songwriter, released in 2021.

Scales is now preparing for the release of his newest LP Good to Be Here. The album was produced by Grammy-nominated Dan Knobler, known for his work with Allison Russell, Lake Street Dive and Bahamas. 

“Light Up The Sky” features Scales’ smooth, elastic vocals, sharp lyricism and anthemic, soulful melodies. Blistering electric guitar slides and atmospheric instrumentation are an instant hook. An explosion of harmonies supports Scales in the choruses, adding to the track’s soulful groove.

With determination, Scales sings “Couldn’t walk away if I tried / I’m gonna light up the sky” while surrounded by a sweeping chorus of voices.

“Light Up The Sky” is an anthem about resilience, and its fresh mix of genres make it a must-listen. 

Listen to “Light Up The Sky” below!

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