Summer League “Quirky Girl” – Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week

Summer League "Quirky Girl" - Casey's DJ Pick of the Week

Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Quirky Girl” by Summer League! 

Nashville-based indie-rock band Summer League crashed into the scene by playing energetic live shows and maintaining a consistent audience. Consisting of Fletcher Sapp, Jackson May, Eli Pfotenhauer and Reed Jenkins, Summer League melds jazz, pop and rock influences to create energetic live experiences.

Summer League will perform at Exit/In on Tuesday, April 23, so be sure to get your tickets here.

The vitality of the Summer League’s live performances transfers to recorded music. “Quirky Girl” is the band’s latest release since its 2023 debut EP The Grandiose Affair. Summer League re-released “Quirky Girl,” a fan favorite, to feature brass arrangements by The Horndogs, who frequently play live with the band.

The track’s energy cuts through within seconds. Listeners are instantly met with a vibrant blend of jangly electric guitars, succinct percussion and expressive vocals. Brass swells give the track a warm, nostalgic quality.

“Quirky Girl” is an electric, genre-bending and wonderfully weird. It’s a track you won’t want to miss out on. 

Listen to “Quirky Girl” below!

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