The HawtThorns – “All the Right Reasons”: DJ Pick of the Week


Casey’s pick of the week is “All the Right Reasons” by The HawtThorns! Members KP and Johnny are a married couple who met one another after years of creating music in their own solo careers and bands. KP (Formerly Kirsten Proffit) was a member of Lucky Girl beginning in 2006, with songs making their way onto television shows like Friday Night Lights and Dawson’s Creek. In addition to Lucky Girl, KP was a member of CALICO in 2012, and traveled with them for some time. After two albums, CALICO called it quits.

Johnny Hawthorn is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, lead guitarist and record producer. Before meeting KP, he worked with Toad the Wet Sprocket and Everclear, along with releasing three albums as a solo artist. Once KP and Johnny met, they immediately began writing songs together. They were soon married, making music that complimented one another and their marriage.

The HawtThorns debuted with their album Morning Sun in 2019, and have been working diligently in the music industry ever since. The couple relocated to Nashville, TN in 2020, where they are are co-owners of Mule Kick Productions. However, their involvement in other aspects of the music industry has not discouraged them from creating new music. “All The Right Reasons” is their first track on their upcoming album, Tarot Cards and Shooting Stars. While the song doesn’t come out until February 25th, you can catch it early on Lightning 100 all day long thanks to Casey!

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