Marathon- Chuck Prophet: DJ Pick of the Week

Chuck Prophet
Chuck Prophet Portrait by Lauren Tabak

Casey’s Pick of the Week 

Today’s DJ Pick comes from San Francisco resident, Chuck Prophet. Prophet has an exciting story, he started in the psychedelic band, Green on Red, and then moved onto his solo career during his first album in the late 1990s. Since his solo start, Prophet has been taking the music industry by storm.

He has released ten albums, including a rework of Waylon Jennings Dreaming My Dreams into Dreaming Waylon’s Dreams. Prophet’s whole discography mixes multiple genres to create a sound that meshes blues, country, folk, and classic rock into a category all his own.

His newest single and DJ pick of the day is “Marathon.” This release is off his latest album, The Land That Time Forgot. This album is a deep-dive into the ever-changing culture of the Bay Area. From the hippie movement to silicon valley, San Francisco has seen it all. This modern take on gentrification and the suburbs shows the ups and downs of living in America’s most expensive city. 

“Marathon” is a catchy single that features the vocals of Stephaine Finch. This song sounds like a Tom Petty tribute mixed with some 60’s inspired guitar riffs. The inspiration behind this single takes us back to the Great Depression and the famous dance marathons that were heald all over the U.S in the 1930s.

Prophet said this about “Marathon,” “There’s a twisted psychology to the Depression-era dance marathons. “And like Wrestling or the Kardashians, it’s all rigged. But we don’t want to believe it. The marathons blurred the line between theatre and reality.”

Check out this single and Chuck Prophet’s newest album, The Land That Time Forgot. 

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written by Madison Sharp