Felix Tandem – “Shoplifter”: DJ Pick of the Week

Felix Tandem

“Shoplifter” by Felix Tandem is Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week! Felix Tandem is an up-and-coming indie rock band based in Nashville, Tennessee. Forming in early 2021, the band started out as a cover band for various rock tunes. Since then, they have been busy writing original music, which has begun to surface in their live performances. Most recently, Felix Tandem was featured by the rock duo ZÜG as their Artist of the Month.

The instrumentation of “Shoplifter” flips between hard and soft rock like a light switch. Each verse is heavily subdued, with the heaviest impacts on select hits. Each verse becomes increasingly animated, but retains the softer feel. Once each chorus arrives, the band erupts into a hard rock vibe, complete with spirited drum fills and a groovy bass underneath. Meanwhile, the guitar drops a catchy riff on top. On the other hand, the vocals are most active in the verse sections, with percussive emphasis on each word. The chorus is devoid of any actual lyrics, with only grunts and screams present.

Felix Tandem first performed “Shoplifter” live for ZÜG’s ZTV show, with the recording release on their YouTube channel. The song will officially release April 29th as Felix Tandem’s debut single. In addition, the band has teased an upcoming EP on their Instagram page, but hasn’t announced a release date yet. On top of their recorded music, Felix Tandem gigs locally in the Nashville area. They have an upcoming show at The End: tickets for the show are available here. Otherwise, be sure to keep up with Felix Tandem through their Instagram page, where they are most active. Also, feel free to check out the ZTV Live performance of “Shoplifter” below!

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