Gorillaz (feat. Thundercat) – “Cracker Island”: Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week


Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Cracker Island” by Gorillaz feat. Thundercat! This song marks the first time Gorillaz has released new music since their 2021 Meanwhile EP. The synth-heavy track sounds like traditional Gorillaz, but this time, that sound is spiced-up with a little Thundercat flare. Thundercat’s iconic bass lines kick in at the second verse, molding the EDM-esque song into a funky dance anthem. The chorus is composed of a sort of call and response between Gorillaz member 2-D and Thundercat, where their unique voices seem to complement each other surprisingly well.

“Cracker Island” is the beginning of a story centered around the concept of an artificial paradise. Mentioning auto-tune, soul purging, and the “Forever Cult,” 2-D expresses his discontent with this so-called “cult” that has force fed him lies to get him to give up his soul. Some speculate that this song is the beginning of a new phase of Gorillaz—a phase with the theme of cults and stan culture.

Gorillaz will be touring in the US in September and October of this year. As of now, no one is sure whether or not this song is the first single from a new album, but we hope it is! Until more information is released about future music from Gorillaz, check out “Cracker Island” below!

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