Imaginary Baseball League – Elliston: DJ Pick of the Week


After sixteen years, Imaginary Baseball League has unearthed “Elliston,” a previously scrapped single. A tribute to the Rock Block, the song doubles as a fundraiser for Exit/In. “We felt that the moment was right to properly get our 16-year-old “Elliston” out into the world,” says the band on their Bandcamp page. And as a result, it feels more timely and vital than ever. “Elliston” is Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week!

The track is the lead single off the band’s previously unreleased sophomore effort The Inevitable Parting. It took the news of Exit/In going up for sale to convince IBL’s Keith Childrey to finally remaster the project. It’s hard to believe that music as good as “Elliston” was just sitting around on a hard drive, and it’s remarkable how well the song holds up all those years later. The album, set for release on the 16th, serves as an exploration of what could have been for the Nashville outfit. If it’s all as good as this, we can’t complain too much. Check out “Elliston” below!

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