Intern Picks of the Week- Love Songs

Intern Picks of the Week- Love Songs
Intern Picks of the Week- Love Songs

This is your friendly reminder that Valentine’s Day is this upcoming Wednesday, February 14. Buy someone you love some flowers or chocolate- give into the commercialization of the holiday. Your favorite interns love roses and Godiva chocolate, in case anyone was wondering. As always, these love song picks come from the interns: Madeleine, Emily, Brooke, and Benni! 

Madeleine’s Pick: “Archie, Marry Me” – Alvvays

It feels like I’ve loved this song for a thousand years. “Archie, Marry Me” is a standout track from Alvvays’ self-titled debut. The track begins with a haunting, nostalgic guitar riff and collapses into a stunning wash of shoegaze and indie-rock. Whenever I hear that intro, I’m transported back to high school, where I’d initially fallen in love with the track. This song acts as such an effective backdrop to essential memories, and I believe that every person who hears it can tie their own experiences to it. To me, “Archie, Marry Me” sounds like crunchy fall leaves, summer breezes, and suburban car rides with my sister. 

“Archie, Marry Me” describes a young, carefree love that dares to last against all odds. Singer Molly Rankin opens by explaining her partner’s “contempt for matrimony,” later assuring that her desire for commitment can exist purely and with wholesome simplicity. Rankin’s voice masterfully blends with the tone of the guitars as she sings “Hey, hey / Marry me, Archie.” Rankin declares that she doesn’t require the excessive, overwhelming aspects of planning a wedding, but to simply be with the person that she loves. In the second verse, she sings “So, honey, take me by the hand and we can sign some papers / Forget the invitations, floral arrangements, and bread makers.” “Archie, Marry Me” is a quintessential modern love song and a beautiful representation of pure, innocent adoration. 

Listen to “Archie, Marry Me” below!

Emily’s Pick: “Black Butterflies and Déjà Vu” – The Maine 

Reigning from Arizona, this five-piece band is made up of best friends who fell in love with writing and making music. I’m a bit biased towards them, and this song specifically, because I have a tattoo of the butterfly artwork they released with this track in 2017. It’s probably the song that changed my life. Lyrically and sonically, this song is deep and complex- layered with symbolism and imagery that makes me fall in love with it again and again. The song describes that feeling of having butterflies in your stomach- that nervousness and excitement; but, it’s a black butterfly- something seemingly more negative, more fearful.

The track is about trying to find the right words to describe how you feel, leaving this lovesick feeling you can never shake when you can’t find the words. The lead singer, John O’Callaghan, spoke about the track, saying, “This song is for the moments, places, or persons that somehow turn your tongue to stone. Those times when words truly do not possess the power to adequately paint the subject.” How beautiful a sentiment that you’re so in love that twenty-six letters don’t feel like enough- no string of words will ever encompass how someone makes you feel. They recently played a sold-out show at Brooklyn Bowl while touring for their tenth studio album. Their energy and stage presence continues to create one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. I’m celebrating them this Valentine’s Day. 

Listen to “Black Butterflies and Déjà Vu” below!

Brooke’s Pick: “Acolyte” – Slaughter Beach, Dog

My love song of the week is “Acolyte” by Slaughter Beach, Dog. Created as a side project by Jacob Ewald from Modern Baseball, Slaughter Beach, Dog, allows Ewald to showcase his songwriting skills. And a song about wanting to run away to Ireland with someone could not be more up my alley. This sweet song is filled with sliding acoustic guitar, humming and whistling that soothe any worries that may arise at the proposition. Little vignettes of longing and loving professions from the narrator to his love drive the narrative of “Acolyte.”

Off of his second LP, Birdie, it seems impossible not to fall in love with the song itself with lines like,  “Man, it cuts like a dull knife / When you’re young and you’re told / “Makes sense when you’re older” / Darling, let’s get old.” Hearing this song live this past year cemented it as my favorite love song. People in the crowd couldn’t help but grab onto whoever stood next to them and sway along to the sweet strumming of Ewald’s guitar and his even sweeter voice. The song ends on a proclamation, naming his love as his acolyte; his supporter, companion, and protector.

Listen to “Acolyte” below!

Benni’s Pick: “Lovin’ You” – Minnie Riperton

The discography of Minnie Riperton remains in a league of its own to this day. From the artistry in her songwriting to the energy in her vocal performances, she brings a unique intimacy and nuance to each of her songs, an endlessly captivating showcase of raw talent and musical passion. “Lovin’ You” is no exception, and it perfectly captures the depth of her capabilities as a creative force in the music of R&B and pop. 

Performed as a light ballad, the song eases the listener in with the soft sounds of birds chirping while notes from an acoustic guitar fade in alongside a beautiful electric piano part played by Stevie Wonder. The warmth and life captured within these opening notes contributes to a cozy, private mood that makes Riperton’s graceful voice come through even more pleasantly and personally. As the song progresses, Riperton goes through various expressions of a love that is unafraid and unburdened, written through affectionate imagery, insightful reflection, and hopefulness for the future. The repeated refrains of “la la la” and “doo doo doo” are a stark contrast to the lyrical intricacy of the verses, a difference that subtly elevates the song’s presentation of love by giving Riperton an opportunity to express her emotion more naturally and effortlessly. It adds a necessary layer of freedom to the song’s message, perfectly demonstrating the significance of freedom in love itself, all while serenading the listener with Riperton’s signature high register.

Despite being 50 years old this year, “Lovin’ You” is timeless — it is a wholehearted and unparalleled celebration of love, music, and humanity. 

Listen to “Lovin’ You” below!