Jeremi Duran – Beautiful Disaster: DJ Pick of the Week

Jeremi Duran

Nashville indie rocker Jeremi Duran recorded “Beautiful Disaster” with Cage the Elephant’s Brad Shultz. It’s a particularly fun and quintessentially Tennessean sort of pairing that’s just eclectic enough to work well with Duran’s trademark “campfire folk.” But a Cage the Elephant carbon copy this is not. Duran’s sound is wholly singular, more interested in weird, hushed vocals than arena-ready hooks. “Beautiful Disaster” is Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week!

We first covered Duran last year when his debut single “Don’t Take It So Seriously” dropped. That track served as an introduction to Duran’s unique marriage of genres he explored further on the Kid EP. The 5-song project, recorded in 16 Ton Studio, is a consistently clever exploration of the indie rock genre as a whole. “Beautiful Disaster” is one of the weirder tracks, pairing a driving radio-ready beat with Shins-esque quiet vocals. Shultz’s influence definitely shows on the production here, but at the same time, it never feels like a Cage song. Check out “Beautiful Disaster” below!

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