Kellen of Troy – Some Tune We All Already Know


Kellen of Troy is the solo project of Nashville multi-instrumentalist Kellen Wenrich. Wenrich’s musical prowess is evident by the number of musicians he’s performed with – from Ray Price to Jenny Lewis and Rayland Baxter. 

But while there are many talented musicians in Nashville, Wenrich’s humility alongside the complexity of his musical arrangements and clever lyricism sets him apart from your average Americana artist. Blending pop, folk and rock, his music defies any “genre” and is anything but average. 

Kellen of Troy’s new tongue-in-cheek single “Some Tune We All Already Know” mocks the generic formula of popular music. Upon first listen, it’s reminiscent of ‘70s David Bowie and ironically feels like a familiar, instant hit. The song is our first preview of his forthcoming record Vanity Project, expected March 13. Listen below and let us know what you think.

Vanity Project was was recorded at Nashville’s Wavy Cat Studios, The Nest and The Bomb Shelter and produced by Wenrich, Ryan McFadden and Adam Taylor.


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